Ga Choi Island

Located near Dinh Huong island in the southwest of the Halong Bay about 5 km from Bai Chay wharf, Ga Choi Island is a pair of limestone islets shaped like two chickens with heavy bodies and tiny legs on a facing position. On the way to Bo Hon Island and Sung Sot Cave or at the beginning of the cruise, visitors will see them right away, seemingly tottering on the surface of the deep emerald water.

Ga Choi IslandGa Choi Island

Despite the height of 10 metres, from most angles, the island looks more like a female and a male about to kiss than two cock is fighting. Maybe it is the stunning natural symmetry of these two contrasting islets, one masculine and one feminine on a romantic background that results on such impression; as well as the other name of the island as Trong Mai Island (Cock and Hen Island).