Drum Cave

Halong is known for thousands of islands & islets with strange shapes, and the sparkling stalactites inside the caves & grottoes. Besides Halong bay also is well-known the legendary stories, Hang Trong or Drum cave is regarding the legend of boy & girl’ that means the name of the cave, the cave is called in Vietnamese Hang Trong & Hang Trinh Nu, in English you understands that means the cave for boy & the cave for virgin girl.

Drum caveDrum Cave

Located the two arc doors of mountain of Bo Hon chain of islands and more than 3km from Sung Sot Cave and 15 km from tourist port – Bai Chay.

Drum Cave's legend is associated with Virgin Cave (Trinh Nu Cave), which is at the opposite direction. Two caves are 600-700 meter apart from each other and their doors looking toward different direction. It is told that in Virgin Cave, the shape of a rock lying horizontally is orginaly a beautiful girl dying while reaching towards the sea for her lovers. Too poor to marry the girl, her lover, as a fisherman, had gone into a long cruise and risk his life for a fortune. Upon hearing the girl running away from family pressure to marrying the rich, he came here but can’t find her from the echos of the caves and also turn to a rock looking over the sea in Drum Cave.