Dinh Huong Island

Dinh Huong Island or Lu Huong Island (means Incense Burner Island in Vietnamese) is located about 6 kilometers from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf. It can be found on the way to Thien Cung Cave and Titop Beach, at the southwest of Dau Go Island. The Island consists of only one huge stone in the shape of an incense burner, . When the tide is low, tourists can see its four pins underneath.

Dinh Huong IslandDinh Huong Island

Passing the Cho Da (Stone Dog) Island and the Con Meo (Cat) Island, one sees an imposing stone slab resting on two other small stone – stands blocked the way. The stone slab resembles a huge incense burner, which lies in the middle of the sea as a holy object to worship the Sky and Earth. In the majestic setting of sea and islands, Dinh Huong Island seems like a holy symbol dedicated to national heroes who died to protect the country.

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