Ba Trai Dao beach

Ba Trai Dao beach (3 Peaches beach) is situated about 22 km from Bai Chay tourism wharf to the Southeast, nearby Cat Ba island. This is a gorgeous beach possessing unspoilt beauty and poetic landscapes. The place is named Ba Trai Dao because it has 3 soft sandbanks in form of an arch embracing entirely peach-shaped mountains.

Ba Trai Dao BeachBa Trai Dao Beach

Three peaches are three small mountains of about over 20 m high which look like three fairy peaches from the distance. This destination is attached with a romantic love story between a good beautiful youngest fairy and a poor fisherman. Because they lived in two different worlds, the fairy stole three peaches of his father (Jade Emperor) for her lovers with a hope that they will live together forever. However, Jade Emperor knew this. He turned three beaches into three rocky mountains and forced the fairy to come back to the heaven.